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The Best Exotic Pets for People with Allergies

Having a pet can be an incredible experience for yourself or your family. Unfortunately, some people are limited by the fact that they have allergies to certain pets. If you’re considering an exotic pet and are wondering what your options are so that you don’t trigger your allergies, keep reading to find out the suggestions from our Orlando exotic pet care practice.

The Best Exotic Pets for people with Allergies


Reptiles are one of the most popular exotic pets. Imagine taking care of a ball python or a bearded dragon. These scaly beasts make exciting pets and with proper care, these reptiles can become very tame and pleasant pets. 

An important thing to note is that reptiles are completely covered in scales. People allergic to fur don’t have to worry about respiratory issues with these gentle creatures.


Not for the faint hearted, arachnids make extremely unique and exotic pets. Thankfully, when it comes to scorpions, tarantulas, and the like, you don’t have to worry about triggering any allergies of yours. They’re also easy to look after.


Fish are often overlooked as boring pets but it highly depends on the fish you choose. If you want something exotic, don’t get the common types of fishes such as goldfish. 

Instead, why not go for something different? Get yourself a saltwater aquarium. That would be a lot more exciting compared to a standard aquarium. 

Taking care of fish, especially saltwater fish, can be very challenging but rewarding. Having a diverse community of fish in a single aquarium will give you the privilege of looking at a glass container filled with beautiful colors just swimming around. 

Hermit Crabs

If you’re searching for an exotic pet that doesn’t need a lot of attention or care, the hermit crab might tick your boxes. Children especially will find hermit crabs interesting for the different colors and patterns on their shells. If you or your family member has any allergies, rest assured that the hermit crab won’t be giving you a hard time.

Understanding Pet Allergies

It is important to understand your allergies so that you know what to do when you begin experiencing some symptoms. Pet allergies can be brought about by various substances. Although dog and cat fur are often the culprits, other allergens can include particles of saliva, urine, and feces.

When exposed to such allergens, common symptoms of allergies can include itchy, watery eyes, coughing, sneezing, stuffy nose, hives, rash, wheezing, or other asthma symptoms. 

If you are not yet properly diagnosed by a doctor yet you experience these symptoms more when you are around pets, then look into getting a proper diagnosis. This is so that you can then be advised on the steps to take to alleviate your symptoms.

A doctor can diagnose an individual with pet allergies according to their symptoms, physical examination, medical history. Tests are also often administered to confirm the suspicion. Allergy testing would typically involve a blood test or a skin test. 


Allergies can be limiting to some people, but having allergies does not close off the opportunity of having an incredible exotic pet. Listed above are just a few animals that would be great for people with allergies.

Author: Santiago Diaz
As a veterinarian focused exclusively on avians, exotics, and wildlife, Dr. Díaz has lectured widely, including at a National Veterinary Conference, the Merck Merial Conference, the Morris Animal Foundation Conference, and at various veterinary technician schools throughout Florida. ​