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At the Exotic Animal Hospital of Orlando, we cannot stress the importance of regular wellness exams enough. Although we offer an array of services ranging from emergency care to laser therapy, preventative medicine is almost always cheaper than treating a disease or injury. An annual exam can help us determine whether or not your pet is healthy and detect any minor problems before they turn into larger ones. As much as we wish our pets could communicate to us when they are not feeling well, this is something they simply cannot do. Fortunately, we are able to uncover and treat internal complications through a comprehensive examination. Regular wellness check ups provide an opportunity for you to get your exotic animals vaccinated, pick up preventative medicine, and assess their food and exercise regimes to make sure they are living healthy lifestyles. It is recommended that one bring their exotic animal in once a year for a regular wellness exam; however, if your pet is older or suffers from health issues, he or she may need more frequent examinations.

Responsible Pet Ownership

ParrotIt’s no secret that fostering an exotic animal is entirely different from taking care of a typical household pet. A high level of competence and responsibility is involved in owning one, and because each animal is so diverse, there are several factors you’ll need to take into consideration before bringing one home. It’s imperative to exhaustively research the type of animal you are thinking of adopting to ensure that he or she is the right fit for your current lifestyle. You should ruminate on whether you’ll be able to provide them with proper care, how big they’ll grow to be, what kind of food they’ll need, what type of environment they’ll thrive in, and of course, the life span of that particular species. It’s highly advised to figure out these logistics before you bring your new exotic pet home.
While some exotic animals are traditionally more expensive to care for than other types of pets, if you opt to put the time and effort into nurturing one, you’ll discover that it’s an extremely rewarding experience – and perhaps find yourself a life-long companion!

Preventative Measures Save Money, Time & Pain

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In order to ensure long-term wellness, it’s crucial for your exotic animals to receive a routine physical examination. Just as annual exams are recommended for humans, it’s instructed that pets receive them, too. When caught in early stages, many diseases are treatable. Preemptive measures on a regular basis can ward off numerous types of ailments and ultimately save you from enduring costly problems in the future. Choosing our office means you are choosing a doctor who will genuinely care about your animal’s well being. Give us a call today to ascertain how we can help keep your exotic pets healthy and happy by providing them with a detailed wellness exam!

Author: Santiago Diaz
As a veterinarian focused exclusively on avians, exotics, and wildlife, Dr. Díaz has lectured widely, including at a National Veterinary Conference, the Merck Merial Conference, the Morris Animal Foundation Conference, and at various veterinary technician schools throughout Florida. ​