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How Should I Care for my Pregnant Guinea Pig?

There will be times where guinea pig lovers will adopt or purchase a guinea pig and not know the female is pregnant. This can be a shocking surprise and can be scary if you’re not prepared for how to handle it. The period a guinea pig is pregnant for is typically 59 to 72 days. However, you might not see a change in your guinea pig until the latter part of the pregnancy. Guinea pigs take on a pear shape like body, and the lower half of their stomach will appear firmer and more rounded. In addition, your guinea pig’s eating and drinking habits may increase due to her needing more energy and nutrients to help the babies grow. Your guinea pig may also avoid physical contact because of the babies she’s carrying.

Is There Anything I Can Do If My Guinea Pig is Pregnant?

If your guinea pig is pregnant, and you’re worried about what to do, then you should seek the help of a qualified veterinarian such as our vets at The Exotic Animal Hospital of Orlando. For younger guinea pigs, pregnancy is not a huge problem since their pelvis can enable them to give birth naturally. However, each pregnancy is different and will have its own risks. If your guinea pig is under six months, then they should not be bred again for a while for precautionary reasons.

On the other hand, an older guinea pig pelvis can fuse together, which will make it difficult or even impossible for them to have babies naturally. If you have an older guinea pig and you are worried this is the case, please talk to a qualified veterinarian.

What Do I Feed My Guinea Pig While She is Pregnant?

You need to give your guinea pig freshwater, healthy guinea pig pellets, and hay every day. On their own, guinea pigs don’t produce their own source of vitamin C. Therefore, you need to pay close attention to giving your guinea pig the nutrients she needs. Vegetables such as red, green, or yellow bell peppers are rich in vitamin C. A good combination to pair them with is fresh greens to provide extra nutrients. It’s important to avoid feeding iceberg lettuce to your guinea pig as it’s not the healthiest for them.

In Summary

It’s important to remember you have The Exotic Animal Hospital of Orlando in your corner if you feel like your guinea pig is unwell at any point during her pregnancy. Our professionals are qualified to care for your guinea pig. If you have any concerns regarding your guinea pig’s health or well-being, contact us today at 407-286-3484.