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Snake Care Services

Snake Care

Here at the Exotic Animal Hospital of Orlando we offer a variety of services in order to prevent diseases in your pet snake. During the first appointment, we will review proper diet and husbandry, the need for a fecal test and how to prevent the development of major diseases in your snake.

  • Annual physical exam – necessary to identify underlying medical problems and to assess the overall health of your snake.
  • Microchipping – we use the smallest microchip on the market. This microchip can be detected by all types of readers. Automatic registration is performed at our clinic for your convenience.
  • Boarding – we can board your reptile while you are traveling and are away from home. Your snake will get the appropriate food items and fresh water will be available at all times. We clean the cage every day and maintain proper temperature and humidity.

If you bring your snake to us because it is already showing clinical signs of disease, we will address the issues and offer several services to help your reptile overcome its illness.

  • Blood work – we can easily obtain blood samples, process the blood, and analyze the results in-house to determine if there is a systemic abnormality that could be affecting your snake.
  • Radiographs – we utilize a state of the art digital radiography unit that provides high resolution images in a matter of seconds.
  • Fecal exams – Fecal exams are performed in-house allowing us to determine if there are parasite eggs or larvae, overgrowth of bacteria and any other abnormalities in the stool.
  • Microbiology – we can obtain samples for bacterial, fungal and viral analysis.
  • Soft tissue and orthopedic surgery – we are fully equipped to perform all types of surgery. We use inhalant anesthesia, can easily intubate reptiles and have special equipment that keeps patients warm and stable during surgery. Also count with monitors that allow us to evaluate all the patient’s physiologic parameters under anesthesia.
  • Histopathology – we can obtain samples and biopsies to send out to our board certified pathologist that specializes on zoo, exotic animals and fish.
  • Critical care – we can hospitalize and provide the critical care needed for your pet to overcome its illness.
  • Laser therapy – Cold laser therapy stimulates the blood flow, energy uptake and healing of wounds, incisions, scars, fractures, soft tissue and musculoskeletal injuries, bumblefoot (pododermatitis), etc. Ask us about this treatment modality to obtain more information.

At the Exotic Animal Hospital of Orlando we are excited to help guide you through your journey of reptile ownership. Snakes make fantastic pets and need medical care like dogs and cats. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help!

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