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Skunk Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is the use of specific wavelengths of light (red and near-infrared) to stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal. The effects of laser energy include improved healing time, pain reduction, increased circulation and decreased swelling. During each painless treatment, laser energy increases circulation, drawing water, oxygen, and nutrients to the damaged area.
This creates an optimal healing environment that reduces inflammation, swelling, muscle spasms, stiffness, and pain. As the injured area returns to normal, function is restored and pain is relieved.

Educational video:

Top Ten Treatments:
1. Arthritis
2. Otitis
3. Degenerative Joint Disease
4. Pododermatitis/Bumblefoot
5. Hot Spots
6. Post Incision & Dental Extraction
7. Bladder Infections / Blockage
8. Rehabilitation Services
9. Post Orthopedic Surgery
10. Rhinitis / Sinusitis

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Exotic Animal Hospital of Orlando
1717 E Michigan St. Orlando, FL 32806
Phone: 407-286-3484
Fax: 407-650-2548